[Special Mid Autumn Festival] Bangladesh PGA 400kV Transmission Line EPC Project Department Stuck to the Overseas Front Line

Date of release:2022-09-28 Information sources:FEDI author:Luo Xiaodong Word number:[ large in Small ] share

“The bright moon is rising above the sea, everyone faraway enjoy the same moment.” On September 10, members of the Bangladesh PGA 400kV Transmission Line EPC Project Department, who had been basically engaged in office work, turned to be chefs on the Mid Autumn Festival and had a special reunion dinner for the engineering team. That night was unforgettable. Although they could not get together with their families when they were overseas, a bright moon would witness their struggle and happy life. 

After overcoming difficulties one after another, the project team had completed the survey of 256km of the whole line and the information collection of Aminbazar and Gopalganj substations. Then, the project was in the design stage, with 96% of the approval of the road map and 90% of the approval of the pole arrangement map completed. Zhang Wenxiang, the leader of the project party member youth commando team and the full-time chief designer of the project, said that the project team would strengthen communication with the owner and all participating companies, cooperate with the owner to prepare for the construction site, and complete the project performance with quality and quantity in accordance with international standards. 

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