Our Company Held The "14th Five-Year" Development Strategy Publicity Meeting

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On May 10, our company held the "14th Five-Year" development strategy publicity meeting to implement the "Double Leading and Double Building" work plan, practice high-quality party building to lead and ensure high-quality development, and promote party members and leading cadres at all levels to implement the "Three New and One High" requirements, and lead party members and cadres to a new journey with a strategy-oriented approach. The leadership team stepped onto the podium and explained the sub-strategies of each business section of the company in depth to the middle-level cadres.

Zhou Yuan, secretary of our company's party committee and chairman of the board, made an important speech at the strategy publicity meeting, emphasizing four points. First, leading cadres at all levels should give full play to the work guidance of "Double Leading and Double Building", adhere to political leading, demonstration leading, excellent system building, and strong grassroots building. It should be necessary to closely focus on our company's "12329" overall strategic development idea, strengthen its ideological awareness, and continuously improve its professional capabilities, so as to provide assistance for the transformation of our enterprise from a traditional design institute to a first-class, domestically well-known technology-based, management-based, and investment-based engineering company. Secondly, in the face of the new situation during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, under the "Dual Carbon" goal, we must seize market opportunities, increase investment in business development, seize the first opportunities, and turn our advantages into victory. The third is to strengthen the implementation of the strategy. Taking the strategic publicity meeting as an opportunity, leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in organizing the study and implementation of the specific requirements of the strategy, further refine the measures of the sub-planning, clarify the key tasks of the annual strategy, and promote the implementation of the strategic goals. Finally, it should be necessary to strengthen the allocation of strategic resources, align resources to core business, and rationally distribute key businesses. For the sustainable development of our company, party members and leading cadres must be loyal and dedicated to their posts.

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