Unit 1 of Quanzhou Heating Technology Project Undertaken by Our Company Successfully Ignited to Startup

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At 23:51 on December 12th in 2020, it was successfully ignited that boiler of Unit 1 of Quanzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.'s heat supply transformation technology project. The steam turbine rushed at 11:30 on the 13th and successfully passed the critical speed zone at 21:30 at a constant speed of 3000rpm. The vibration of each bearing is less than 60um, which is lower than the value stipulated in the contract.

During the period, our project team actively coordinated the installation company to urgently dispatch additional professionals in maintenance, thermal control and heat preservation, and completed urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks such as drainage pipeline relocation, heat supply pipeline insulation and thermal control cable connection. We completed the unit start-up preparations in strict accordance with the time node specified by the owner.

It was reported that in addition to the original parts of the outer cylinder of the high and medium pressure cylinder and the low pressure cylinder, the project replaced all the flow parts of the steam turbine. Also, it was necessary to carry out high-risk operations such as drilling and inserting pipes on the existing outer cylinders and laying new high and medium pressure heating pipes. This was another challenge to the safe and civilized construction in the first phase of the plant under the requirements of ensuring the normal and safe operation of Unit 2. In this project, the largest U-shaped steam heat exchanger in China was applied in the limited A-exhaust space. Also, a strict hoisting plan was developed to avoid the densely-packed generator outlets with A-exhaust, so that the equipment could be safely seated. The project team actively coordinated with the construction companies, closely connected the installation work, and completed the tasks within the specified construction period.

The construction of this project enables the first-phase unit to save more than 20 grams of coal consumption for power supply per kilowatt-hour, bringing significant economic benefits to users.

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